BP Portrait Award exhibition in the Usher Gallery, Lincoln

On a recent visit back home to Lincoln, I went to a local gallery named the Usher. They have been given to honour of displaying this years BP Portrait Award.

I have a soft spot for portraiture. For both GCSE and A levels I focused a lot on portraiture but have not done much painting recently. Although I enjoy playing with different mediums, techniques and subject matters, there is some thing about them that still appeals to me.

John Borowicz ‘Tad’ (son of the artist) – Oil on canvas, 1016x762mme40cf4551908d01ed31f1973300cf609.jpg

David von Bassewitz ‘Falk’ – Oil on canvas, 2250x450mm500_2016_bp_portrait_award_work_2002

Shany van den Berg ‘Self’ – Oil on board, 300x210mmself

Brett Amory ‘Jijinka’ – Oil on canvas, 2440x1220mm500_2016_bp_portrait_award_work_0177.jpg


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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