London- RA ‘Abstract Expressionism’, White Cube & Saatchi Gallery

Royal Academy ‘Abstract Expressionism‘ Exhibition:

Lee Krasner ‘The eye is the first circle’ 1960key 97.jpg

Jackson Pollock ‘Composition (white, black, blue & red on white)’ 19480f5a5dfece7280108019b94934cacde8.jpg

Jackson Pollock ‘Number 7’ 1979jackson_pollock_number_7_1952_1.jpg

Joan Mitchell ‘Mandres’ 1961-62joan-mitchell-mandres-pc-web-min.jpg

Joan Mitchell ‘Salut Tom’ 1979c-joan-mitchell-salut-tom

Sam Francis ‘Untitled (Block Clouds)’ 1952clouds-2.jpg

Conrad Marca-relli ‘Ornations L-R-4-57’ 1957Marca_Relli_Ornations_L_R_4_57_1957_CROP_0.jpg

Clifford Still ‘PH-950’ 1950abstract-expressionism_0.png


White Cube: (my photographs)

Sense Titolo: 1996 (steel, lead & rags)

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Sense Titolo: 1960’s img_7742

Sense Titolo: (acrylic paint in paper)img_7745


Saatchi Gallery: (my photographs)

Maha Mulluh ‘Food for Thought’ 2016 – 570 burnt potsimg_7753

Jelena Bulajic ‘Grozda’ 2014 – Acrylic polymer emulsion, marble dust, ground graphite, ground limestone, kaolin, graphite & charcoal (320 x 237 cm)img_7747

Stephanie Quayle ‘Two Cows’ 2013 – Air-hardening clay, chicken wire & steelimg_7760


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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