Did someone call the doctor? (Reflection)

We were introduced to the world of PhDs both theoretically and from actual experiences. We heard from different PhD students and staff members, who each presented their alternative PhD studies, and the routes they had taken. Hearing form people who themselves have gone, or are going through the PhD process, allowed for a more candid understanding about what it is really like. This was really helpful and has only made me more interested in potentially pursuing a PhD for myself.

We were tasked to develop a research question we felt had the potential to be the building blocks of a thesis, which was then presented to the group. ‘Did someone call the doctor?’ helped me develop my research, writing and presentation skills. More specifically how to develop a well rounded research question.

In developing my question, I chose to look back at my previous constellation essays, and determine common features and ideas, and then build upon them. My research question became ‘Should/could all ‘art’ be named based on the same classification system?’ i.e. ‘A Taxonomy of Art’. I am very interested with the final question I developed and presented. I want to develop this question further, and perhaps also start answering it, making it the topic for my dissertation proposal.

(Below: the final question I developed)


Throughout the weeks it was also interesting hearing how other members of the group were developing and reseraching their own questions, especially because each were from different subjects. Some peoples questions were from a product design point of view and others were fine art, etc. We all discussed and mades suggestions fore each other during presentations, maligning it a very interactive, decision based field group.

Although ‘Did someone call the doctor?’ was not ‘practical’ based, I did learn a lot about PhD and how they work with was really useful for my professional development.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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