Studies of Morris’s Acanthus Leaves

The Acanthus leaf seems to be an extraordinarily wide spread ‘symbol’/image in historic design. I have made a few simple explorations into Morris’s foliage design, in different mediums.

Drawing Ink:img_7899This ‘painterly’ study is the only one with any hint of tone.

Fine-liner:img_7901This sample is a more precise linear representation of the beautiful curled leaf shape Morris includes in one of his Acanthus designs. Morris was very methodical when he came to designing pattern. This is evident from his partly finished design ideas. You are able to see his grid method for lining up the pattern so that it is able to be perfectly replicated.

Free machine embroidery (small sample):img_7905For this sample I layered up the lines of stitch to give a more ‘continuous’ effect. This fluid motion of the lines emphasized the fluidity of the leaf itself.

Free machine embroidery (larger sample & close up):img_7911For this sample I used a single layer of stitch. I decided to leave the fabric wrinkled, in order to enhance its textural quality.



Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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