Etching: different colours and paper

In an effort to explore a wider variety of etching effects, I have experimented with the different coloured inks and types of paper. I chose to continue using the same plates (acanthus leaves) as my previous print, in order to explore purely how the ink and paper change the effect of the print.

1) Blue and green ink on cream paper: img_7984I am not an avid user of colours. Usually I stick to neutral tones or black and white. I feel that sometimes colours can be a distraction from the line itself. Especially within my work last year, when I was exploring mark making. I wanted the qualities of the mark and the process of making the mark to be the focus. I actually ended up using ‘mundane materials’ (pen and paper) to create my final piece, to express a sense of minimalism, in the power of a line.

So colour, I suppose, is out of my comfort zone. These colours are not that extreme, butthey are more than I would normally use. When it comes to printing, I really love the look of black almost ‘grungy’ looking prints, that I tend to stick with that aesthetic approach to print.

2) White in on brown paper:img_7977I wanted to see an inverted version of my print, but at first we couldn’t find any black paper; so I used brown. This print has a far softer look. It reminds me of the previous faded prints I made, in the fact that it virtually looks ‘smokey’.

3) White ink on black paper:img_7981This is a more truly negative look of my previous prints. This is my favourite of this set of four prints. The colours go back to my usual asthetic approach (black and white) but there is just something pleasing about it to me.

4) Black ink on cream paper with tissue paper:img_7975I went a little obscure with this print. Or at least I feel it obscure. The tissue paper seems like an obvious distraction or rebellion from the delicate, traditional looking print.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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