Etching: Adding paint and stitch to prints

In an effort to extract more from my prints, I have worked into them by adding paint or stitch.

1) Blue Acrylic img_1661I had originally started using watercolour on this print, however the effect was (for lack of a better word) boring. Although it was interesting to see the print through the paint, the grey tinge to the ink just made the colours look dirty. Therefore, I painted over the watercolours with rich blue acrylic paint. I have painted the leaves of the acanthus in one block colour. Transforming the print from a liner exploration to a solid shape, making you more conscious of the edges of the shape/the sharp points of the leaves.

2) Yellow Acrylic img_7797Next I wanted to paint the background of the print. But I didn’t want to cover the the printed edges of the plate. So, I painted a square 1cm in from the edge of each plate. The accentuates the fact that I have used two plates to create these prints, by creating a tiled effect. The background colour also makes the leaves stand award because the yellow sinks backwards.

3) Yellow Acrylic on muslinimg_0374img_5588The edge of this muslin print wasn’t as well defined, so it would have been difficult to follow a straight line 1cm in form the edge of the plate (as I did on the previous print), therefore I just followed the subtle marks of the edge of the plate itself; but is is not as effective.

4) Stitch img_2383img_5337I chose to stitch a grid-like pattern into this print, however not over the leaves. I have also left all the unfinished edges of each line of stitch, creating an almost camouflage like effect, hiding the leaves amongst the threads. I wanted to create a juxtaposition between the flowing curling leaves and the straight mechanical lines of stitch, by also keeping the loose threads there is a third linear effect.



Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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