Athletes of the Heart: session 2

First were were introduced to the stop frame animation software we would be using to construct our animations: Dragon frame. This software allows you to have a live view of your frame as well as showing a translucent image of your previous frame, for reference. In addition, you can compare your fames to the music itself. You can upload the track directly into the software.

Depending on the materials/techniques people were thinking of using, we were then split into groups (hopefully with people not from your subject). Then were each given an extract of of the 3min composition. My group was given the ending (roughly 30sec).

In our groups we discussed our ideas, settling on a form of mark-making using paint, to create a raw textural effect.


We all went away to experiment with different types of marks, tool and colours.

img_0011I chose to work with acrylic. The thickness of the paint and fast drying time, meant I could layer up different colours and marks resulting in a wonderful blend of tonal qualities. The slight opacity of the paint crated a surprisingly beautiful effect.

img_8188img_8189img_8190img_8193img_8194img_8195img_8197img_8198Little hints of all the colours peek through each layer making for a dense spectrum of tones. The surface of the paint has a wonderful sheen, which enhances the depth of the colours.img_8196img_8199

I worked on A3 paper, so that I had a bit more room to experiment. However, it is the small close up details of the paint which are really interesting. You are able to see brush strokes and the texture of the paint, forming a more abstract composition. I feel our animation would work really well on this smaller scale.

I alsto tested applying the paint in different ways, for example paining horizontal lines, and layering them. This approach was not as effective. The blending of the colours, created a mucky tone, rather than the beautiful patches of tone in the previous painting.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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