Advanced sewing workshop

Free machine embroidery

Setting up the machine:

  • Change foot to spring loaded foot
  • The switch on the back of the machine should be to the right, this lowers the feed dogs, allowing you to freely move the fabric.

You will also need:

  • Your chosen fabric
  • Backing paper
  • An embroidery hoop
  • Felt-tip pen which disappears overtime (optional), this can be used to draw out your design onto your material before starting to stitch. (should take about a day to disappear)


Free machine embroidery using ribbons and other thicker threads.

  • By hand wind your chosen thread substitute (i.e. ribbon) onto a bobbin
  • Put bobbin into bobbin case. Do not thread the ribbon through the notch in the bobbin case.
  • Thread the top of the machine as usual.
  • Pick up your bobbin thread.
  • The sewing process is the same with one exception, you must turn your fabric upside-down (therefore before hand draw your design on the back of the fabric. img_8297

Dissolvable fabric:

  • Use two layers of the fabric
  • Use an embroidery hoop
  • Make sure all stitched lines are supported and connect to each other.
  • To make a reinforced line of stitch: first do two straight lines of stitch, then overlap with a layer of zig-zag stitch.
  • You can also add dissolvable fabric to a usual fabric design, or add small bit of normal fabric to you dissolvable design.


Appliqué or fabric collage:

  • Iron bolderweb on to the small piece of fabric you are adding
  • Cut out your shape the peel off backing (or the other way around depending on design.
  • Iron together
  • If the design needs to withstand use, add stitch to reinforce it

Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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