Athletes of the Heart: session 5 & 6

This week we were continuing to edit together our animation.

We used the animations we  filmed previously, cutting them into sections only  a few seconds long. We chose the aspects we felt to be the most successful and visually interesting. We then added after effects to these clips, in order to make them even more exciting and to fit with the musical composition better. We wanted our visuals to be almost a harsh as the audio. To make our painted marks ‘harsh’ we speeded them up, repeating them, playing them backward and forwards and inverting the colours.

Our end section of the composition includes several sequences of repetitive clicking and beeping. We have chosen to exaggerate this with our visuals, by speeding up the adding of paint, and repeating it, going backward and forwards so the marks appear to be quickly growing and retreating with the beats of the music. However, we are also ‘mixing it up a bit’ and making some frames inverted. This means the repetitive sequence of movements will still flow, but there will be a sudden flash of another colour, keeping the viewer on their toes.


We also filmed a small bit of animation for the beginning of our section.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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