Athletes of the Heart: session 8

Today we viewed a rough edit of what everyone has done so far. It was wonderful and inspiring to see what everyone else has been working on. All the clips seem to work together really well and I’m so excited to view the final outcome soon. There is one 30 second section in the middle of the composition which has not been started yet. The plan for this section is similar to what we are going to do at the very end of our section. Because this section is the most complicated and layered musically, a great way of reflecting that visually is to layer up everyone’s sections into a compilation. This is a way of making sure the full video flows and fits together into a collective unit, instead of separate sections.

We only had the very end of our section to complete today; the short compilation of everyone’s work to end the piece. We gathered everyone’s animations so far, and began picking out short clips (at least two or three from each group), choosing ones we felt would work together well to create a strong powerful ending. We sped up the clips, wanting them to quickly cut between all of our work in such a way that it seems to build in intensity along with the music. When arranging the clips we played around with what seemed to fit, focusing on colour and shape mostly. The clip we chose for the very end is ink dispersing in water. When played backward (and sped up) the ink appears to quickly retreat, ending with a white screen, which fits well with the very end of the composition which builds then abruptly cuts out. We made sure the other groups were happy with the clips of theirs we had used and how, did some final tweaks and we were done.

Lastly,  a group of us uploaded everyone’s finished 30 second clips into the final edit, also adding the title sequence. We went through the clips making sure to position them in exactly the right place to fit with the music, then we worked on the transitions. Some of the transitions already worked wonderfully, others needed a little more work to get them to fit seamlessly. For one one the clips we had to change the very end (with the group’s permission), replacing it with a bit of their extra footage, so that the colours were similar, making a smooth transition.



Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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