Athletes of the Heart: session 9 & 10 (Reflection)

Session 9: Final editing:

Before starting to edit and bring together all the clips for the last section of the film, we watched it so far. It was really exiting to see everyone’s work combined, bringing together different materials, techniques and ideas.

When choosing clips we picked out sections we felt were visually strong, but could also be positioned well alongside other clips. Other than that, the editing process was a matter of trial and error, making subtle changes in the timings or rearranging the clips until we reached a point where the sequence just seemed to work. We also sped up most of the clips, to make them feel more chaotic reflecting the complexly of this layered bit of audio. On occasion we layered two clips together, however sometimes we felt this made the visuals too messy, making it difficult to see either of the clips fully.

The bit of quiet audio just before this collaborative section we left blank, like a section of calm before a harsh wave of flashing images. It causes you to really visualise what could be making the sounds at that point in the music. The visuals then start again with a flash of colour, perfectly timed with a loud click of the audio.

Overall I am really proud of the final edit we put together. I feel we integrated everyones individual creates together in such a way that the visuals flow but, if you look carefully enough you can spot every groups section. Although the final edit was difficult and required lots of fiddling to make the visuals fit with the audio as closely as possible, I am confident in saying that I think our visuals not only compliment Dans audio, but is some ways enhances it. I still can’t get over how, each time you watch it you notice/experience something different.

Session 10: Official viewing of our finished collaborative abstract animation:

Socialite – Daniel Soley from Cardiff School of Art & Design on Vimeo.

It was exciting to have an official viewing of our finished film. Having time to reflect on all the work we have done over the last five weeks. The presentations gave us a glimpse of how other groups went about constructing their sections, helping to appreciate the amount of work everyone really did.

It is odd thinking back to when we heard Dan’s composition for the first time, how alien it sounded. It seemed like a daunting task, creating an animation that could compete with the complexities and obscurities of his audio. But our collaboration made it possible, being able to focus on just thirty seconds, to be able to break your piece of audio apart, and dive into exploring how to represent it. The abstract/experimental approach gave us great freedoms to express how we personally visualised the music. But, limitations kept us from straying, limiting us just enough so that the possibilities were not quite endless. During this field project I have both gained and developed new skills, in team work and technical abilities, including filming, editing and animation.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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