Acrylic ‘Infinity Nets’ on paper

I wanted to experience the process of making a Kusama ‘Infinity Net’. I have recreated her process to create a lace like mesh of acrylic circles.

I started by applying a wash of diluted black ink to the paper, making a grey base for my net. Kusama also begins with a grey or black base. A darker ground produces a beautiful soft contrast with the surface paint. The net/lace is merely a collection of semi-circles tightly packed together, however, their imperfect construction due to the inconsistencies of the hand, produces a beautiful organic pattern. Depending on the thickness and therefore the intensity of the paint and how densely packed the marks are, different areas of the ‘Infinity Net’ recede backwards, while other bright areas are pulled forwards. Some might say these nets would be better if they were more evenly produced but, if they were, then the working plane would be flat and lifeless and your eye would not travel around the paper.

In terms of this being a repetitive pattern, the process of producing these nets is highly repetitive, but each semi-circle and piece of negative space is completely different. The patten is highly inconsistent yet it is it the inconsistencies which draw me to it.


As you can see above I also experimented with different coloured acrylic paint to produce the net. In the third sample I layered two colours, red and blue. First I applied a layer of red  semi-circles, then once it was dry, I applied the blumaxresdefaulte in the same way, but I purposely left the red peaking though, and allowed the blue to cover some of the the base colour. This resulted in  four tones in one work. First the grey ground, second the uncovered red, third the mixture of red and blue (deep purple/black), forth the blue. This piece reminds me of the red and blue used to produce 3D images (Right: a frame form SpyKids 3D).

Creating these nets has reminded me of a particular section of the animation I made for my second term Field project ‘Athletes of the Heart’. We where tasked with creating an abstract animation for a musical composition created by a student from RWCMD (Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama). Incorporating animation into this project, can be a way of showing the process in which the patterns are made, and their repetitive monotonous nature. llc2_002_01_x1_0239

Socialite – Daniel Soley from Cardiff School of Art & Design on Vimeo.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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