Acrylic ‘Infinity Nets’ on fabric


In an effort to push my infinity nets further, I have experimented with painting onto fabric. I have repeated the same process I did on the paper. I dyed the fabric in diluted ink, then proceeded to cover the surface with a lattice of semi-circles. The slightly ungerlating surface of the creased fabric enhanced the subtle tones of the thicker and thinner paint. From a distance the markings remind me of a mosaic, as if each tile is tilting slightly resulting in an uneven surface.

I find these nets very calming, both to create and admire. During construction, the menotinous application of these small lines of paint become second nature, your mind is able to wonder. I understand how Kasuama uses this as a form of self-therapy. The final outcome I find to be very pleasing. Its hard to explain but,the minimalist nature of this pattern is the means for you to admire the material qualities of both the paint and fabric.

Moving forward I am going to research minimalism and abstraction, ignorer to expand my practice.



Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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