Etching: Repetitive Patterns

In order to explore the idea of mass production, I have made some etchings. Since I have been producing repetitive patterns, I wanted to see if this would be a quicker more effective way of making them. I have made four small square etching pates, each with a different simple repetitive patterns. Below, on the left are the plates still with the wax on so you can see where I drew into the wax. On the right are the plates with the wax removed, so you can see exactly where the acid bit into the metal.

Etching Plates:

Just looking at the plates themselves, I really like the inconsistencies of how the acid bit into the surface of the metal. This is one of the reasons I prefer etching to dry point. Depending on the mark I made into the wax, and how long it was left in the acid, different effects are created.

I chose to mostly print on to small ripped squares of fabric. The reason being that in theory I could make loads of these prints. Repeating the printing process over and over, until I had over a hundred small squares filling a wall. This is also why I chose to do two prints from one inking up of the plate. Below you can see that the left prints are darker because they were done first, and the right ones are slightly lighter. This could be a way of producing more prints faster, because I wouldn’t have to ink up the plates as often.


I also made two other prints, one on the same ripped fabric, and another on thin Fabriano paper, which was again ripped to get textured edges. On these two prints I grouped together all four plates, leaving a 1 cm gap between them.



I am interested in pursuing etchings further, and exploring different effects. I want to try creating a finer grid, and perhaps printing using white ink, on different surfaces.


Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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