Larger Outcome: Bleached Canvas Strips

IMG_8647I wanted to create a larger outcome that would bring greater authority to the repetitive, minimalist patterns, further exploring and using textiles.  I am interested in working with non-traditional ‘art’ materials, or at least working with them in a different way. In this case I chose to explore the qualities of the canvas, but not as a surface that the ‘art’ is applied to, but as the art itself. I have manipulated the canvas to bring light to its textural and colour qualities.
This outcome consists of eleven long strips of ripped, raw edged, canvas. Each strip has been concertina’d and bleached along the folds; this formed the subtle repeating lines of highlight across the width of the strips. The natural colour of the canvas is very neutral, the addition of the bleach exaggerates the earthiness of the fabric.
Process and repetition was a large part of this outcome. I love the relationship between seemingly similar marks. In this outcome there are at least three types of mark. The most obvious are the bleached lines, which are all sightly different. Second, there are also the creases, which are intentional. You can see the folds from when the canvas was concertina’d as well as the scrunches and creases from when I wrung out the water. Third are the strips themselves. Each strip was measured to the same length and width, but the manipulation of the fabric has distorted the shape. Each strip is different. The process of making these strips was repetitive too, ripping, then folding, then bleaching, then rinsing, then drying, then presenting. A kind of monotonous, sequential procedure took place.
The scale was also important. I wanted the strips to have presence in the space. Unfortunately there was some shrinkage in the water.  They were originally two meters long, taller than an average person. If I were to develop this outcome, I would increase the size further, with sufficient strips to fill a room, so that the viewer would be surrounded, and have to physically move to see them all. However, I do not feel this is my most successful piece. I want to create even more repetition, perhaps a smaller mark which would not be evident when seen from afar, but thousands of marks would be apparent when in close proximity.

Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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