Knotted Fabric Outcome

IMG_8954 (1)

This outcome consisted of 34 strips of canvas, all knotted together, with the addition of 17 strips of muslin and felt, arranged alternitly to create a pattern of textures and knots to form a continuous loop. A never ending pattern.

All three fabrics were off-white, creating a neutral palette. This allowed the textural qualities of the fabric and their contortion into knots to take precedence. Inspired by Robert Ryman’s white-on-white paintings. Ryman’s art is about, and is itself, the paint on the surface of a material that is affixed to, or hung on, a lighted wall in a gallery or museum.

I also take inspiration from Eva Hesse, and Robert Morris to inform the upcoming external exhibition. Both have works which are hung and arranged to make the most of the natural drape of the materials. I intend to emulate this.

The idea to knot the fabric, came from not wanting to use any unnecessary fixings or materials, to construct the piece. Furthermore, I wanted the process of construction to be stripped back, to make a very mundane process and object the crux of the work, giving authority to the mundane. I chose to use a specific kind of knot, a Reef/Square Knot, which is a symmetrical double-knot, where the ends follow the path of the rope. I wanted to make a feature of the rough and ready ends of the knots, however the reef knot kept them following one path, and not interfering with adjacent rows.







Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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