Field: Final Reflection

For field this year I chose ‘Did someone call the doctor?’ and ‘Athletes of the Heart’.

In my first term Field option, ‘Did somebody call the doctor?’, we were introduced to the world of PhDs both theoretically and from actual experiences. We heard from different PhD students and staff members, who each presented their diverse PhD studies and the routes they had taken. We were tasked to develop a research question we felt had the potential to be the building blocks of a thesis, which was then presented to the group. In developing my question, I chose to look back at my previous constellation essays, and determine common features and ideas, and then build upon them. My research question became ‘Should/could all ‘art’ be named based on the same classification system?’ i.e. ‘A Taxonomy of Art’.

My second term Field option was ‘Athletes of the Heart’. This was a more practical based project in which we collaborated to produce an abstract animation in response to an extract of a musical composition provided by Dan Soley, a student at the RWCMD. The composition was titled ‘Socialite’. It seemed like a daunting task, but through collaboration we could focus on just thirty seconds of the composition in each of our groups, making it more manageable. The abstract/experimental approach gave us great freedom to express how we personally visualized the music. However, the task parameters kept us from straying just enough so that the possibilities were not quite endless.

‘Did someone call the doctor?’ did not directly influence my subject work this year, however, I did receive a lot of information which was incredibly useful for my professional development. Before this project I had very little knowledge about what a PhD entailed and the different types of PhD’s you can do. I am still highly interested in pursuing a PhD in the future, however I feel a masters first, will prepare me and  help me decide if academia is the path I wish to follow. This project also aided my constellation work, improving my research and writing skills. Furthermore I chose to use the question I developed during ‘Did someone call the doctor?’ as my research question for my Dissertation Proposal. I found this area of research interesting but also challenging, as it required knowledge in areas I had never before researched. But the preparation I did for the question during field, put me in good stead for expanding and developing the idea into a proposal.

On the other hand ‘Athletes of the heart’ was a very practical based field group. The abstract, experimental approach to animation highly influenced my subject work, so much so that after Christmas I completely altered the aesthetic and ideas of my work. I went from traditional pictorial patterns, to abstract minimalist repetition using textiles. I continued the experimental approach, just changing the medium. Before Christmas the direction for my work unclear to me, but participating in ‘Athlete of the heart’ I believe refreshed my ideas for the better. I very much enjoyed learning about stop motion animation and definitely want to do more in the future. The repetitive nature of creating stop motion can clearly be related to the repetitive pattern themes found in my final subject work. I was going to do some more animation this year, however I ended up following a different path, I hope to come back to it next year.

Overall I found field to be both interesting and influential in the personal development of my practice.



Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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