Final Outcome: Construction & Display



I wanted to be as precise as possible in the construction of this final outcome, in order to produce a pleasing uniform grid.


I had already determined that the length of my net, in comparison to the length of the three conjoined walls, should be 6 meters. Furthermore, when testing knots, I decided that each square of the grid should be 10x10cm. In order to calculate the necessary length of each strip, to produce a 10cm square, I simply tested and found it needed to be 40cm.

IMG_9159 2

The white muslin I found had a width of 150 cm, excluding the selvedge. I could get 15 strips across the width of the muslin, with each strip being 10cm wide.

I needed 760 strips of muslin to construct a 60cm x 6m grid, therefore requiring 22 meters of fabric.

I gave myself a budget of roughly £60 for fabric, to get the 22 meters of white muslin (£2.99 per metre), however the sales woman must have been generous, because I was able to knot three more rows than expected, coming to a total 63×6 squares or 630x60cm; meaning I was given 23 meters of  muslin.

It took me roughly three days to rip and knot all the fabric, constantly measuring and and checking it was uniform.



In order to create shadows on the wall behind, I chose to display the grid using 30cm long brackets. Originally I planned to use four brackets, two on either end, to stretch the muslin making the grid more prominent, however this was not necessary. Only two brackets allows easer observation behind the work, creating an object rather than a two dimentional textile.

I am glad I was able to allow the end of the grid to dangle, it further accentuates the softness of the muslin, while making the whole display more balanced.




Author: Crisiant Williams

I am a Fine Art student, studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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